PLN office in Jayapura, West Papua - Jubi

Papuans Owe PLN Rp.55 Billion

PLN office in Jayapura, West Papua - Jubi

PLN office in Jayapura, West Papua – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – PT PLN (State Electricity Company) in the Papua and Papua Barat Region revealed that outstanding bills customers owed to the company stood at Rp 55 billion.

‘The debts are currently about Rp 55 billion. The highest is in Jayapura area because the number of customers is larger. It is just fine in Merauke because most of customers use the prepaid service,” the Manager of Commerce of PLN Papua and Papua Barat Yosephina Kwano said in Jayapura on Thursday (25/8/2016).

She admitted the amount of outstanding bills has increased from the previous year.

“The debt of semester II 2016 is higher that in semester I 2016,” she said. Further she explained the PLN is currently taking several attempts to reduce the number of debts, including the disconnection of electricity.


“Therefore one of the attempts we’ve done is reviewing the debt report, in which are our field officers would record the two months overdue. They will conduct a temporary disconnection to those who are still in debt,” she said.

“If it was three months overdue, they will execute the full disconnection, the measure equipment would be removed as well as the installment. These are the efforts done to reduce the debt. It becomes a habit among the customers, get disconnected first, then pay after that,” she said.

According to her, especially for the Regional Government and vertical departments’ debts, PLN do an approach so that they can pay the debt. And for the Police/Military, the billing was done centrally.

“We also conduct socialization, meet with the customers. In this forum, we remind the customers to be aware on their obligation,” she further said.

She also expected the number of debts of customers could be continuously reduced until the end of 2016. “It is expected the debts in the last quarterly III could exceed the target. In Semester I, it did not reached the target of 35 days of receivable period,” she said. (*/rom)

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