Papuan Traders Demand Government Assistance


Jayapura, Jubi/Antara – Papuan female traders held a demonstration at the office of Papua governor on Tuesday afternoon (03/03/2015) to demand the government pay attention to their future.

The demonstration began with a “long march” from the market at Jln Percetakan Jayapura.

The protesters delivered speeches, unfurled banners and pamphlets that included the words “stop the habit of depriving indigenous Papuans”.

The demonstrators were received by deputy governor Klemen Tinal. They demanded the government pay attention to native Papuans, to protect local commodities and prohibit supermarkets and malls from selling Papuan commodities.

He further suggested the demonstrators should hold a rally at DPRP.
“Actually specific policy for Papuans are currently being worked on in the DPRP, including specific guarantees regions (Jamkrida) so that those who need capital no longer have to go to the bank,” Clement Tinal said. (*)


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