The spontaneous action to stop the delegation of the MSG’s Ministers of Foreign Affairs (Jubi)


The spontaneous action to stop the delegation of the MSG’s Ministers of Foreign Affairs (Jubi)

The spontaneous action to stop the delegation of the MSG’s Ministers of Foreign Affairs (Jubi)

Jayapura, 16/1 (Jubi) – Papuan College Students acted for the people of Papua in Java and Bali, have put the Officials of the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in panic.  The spontaneous action to stop the delegation of the MSG’s Ministers of Foreign Affairs was executed just before the delegation met the President of Indonesia and the Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marty Natalegawa.

Since 06:00 am, about 15 students have already placed in front of Lapangan Banteng where located just next to the Borobudur Hotel. “We were in Lapangan Banteng since 06:00 am. Among the protesters, it was appointed one person to “watch” the situation inside the hotel in regards to information about the meeting schedule between the MSG’s ministers and the Indonesian Minister of Foregin Affairs and the President Yudhoyono for sign a “Joint Statement” on the economic and development partnership,” explained Wenas Kobogau, The Coordinator of Action, to Jubi (15/11).
At around 9:40 am, continued Kobogau, the students were getting closer to the front or exactly moved to the hotel’s exit gate, just beside of the Ministry of Religious Affairs Office. At about 09:45 am, when they got information that the MSG’s ministers would leave the hotel, they were walked directly to the hotel’s exit gate.
Thereafter, the delegation was in convoy leaving the hotel lobby to follow the official guards in motorcycle. Their car was just behind the motorcycle escort. Ratu Inoke Kabuabole, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Fiji, was sitting in the back left seat, with one of the Official of Solomon Island. In front, sitting beside the driver, the Official of Indonesian MoFA.
“Masses were spontaneously did the blockage action at the hotel’s exit gate which is around 5 meter to the main road. They continued to give oration, unfold banners that condemned the attitude of MSG’s ministers for does not meet the people of West Papua, as well as their choice to establish the economic and development partnership with Indonesia but ignore the rights of the people of West Papua whom represented by WPNCL,” said Wenas.
Dozens of the MoFA officials who participated in the convoy were panic, and urged the students to open the blockage so that the delegation could pass. However, the students kept insist and remained standing in front of the car. A protester knocked on window of the car that carrying the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Fiji who is also the Chairman of delegation in order to pass him the letter of statement, as well as to express the aspiration and for dialogue.
The Official of MoFA who were sitting in front chair, also repeatedly opened and closed the car window, and asked the students to open the blockage so the delegation can move on. But the masses still kept insist to stay if the Minister of Fiji does not open the car window and speak with them. “This official who were sitting in front chair, repeatedly asked to the students for giving the letter of statement for him to forward it to the MSG delegation, but the students also objected his idea,” said Wenas.
While other Papuan student, Zet Tabuni, correct the last news that previously published by Jubi that was mentioned that the protest action was dispersed. “It wasn’t dispersed. We decided to end the protest. Because of the delegation could not pass through the students’ blockage, which were continuously doing oration and urging a dialogue with the ministers, the hotel management has removed their car and other hotel guests’ cars to the backyard, then closed the entrance gate. So the delegation passed through another exit gate which is located in front of Foreign Minister Office and the masses were not able to pass to the hotel,” said Zeth.
This hotel management action, continued Zet, has invited the reaction from the protesters. There was taken about 10 -1 5 minutes argument the students, the ministers’ guards and the hotel’s security guards. At the end, at around 11:00 am, the protesters decided to back off and going home. But the protest and the disappointed statement on the MSG’s visit have been expressed.
The students continued to conduct a press conference at 12:00 pm in Kontras Office and attended by 10 journalists from TV and printed media In this press conference, the Papuan students expressed the reason behind their protest action to stop the MSG’s ministers because:
1. The students felt disappointed because the representatives of minister did not meet the people of Papua, the religious and customary leaders, and activists pro-independence Papua, including the representatives of WPNCL in West Papua.
2. The students rejected the sign of the joint agreement between the MSG’s ministers and Indonesia because it would be potential to reject the WPNCL to become the member of MSG.
3 The students want to a dialogue with the ministers to express their opinion and request for encouraging MSG to accept the WPCNL as member that can represent the people of West Papua.
4. The students asked the reason why the MSG’s ministers were been in Jayapura for only 8 hours instead of two days if refer to the first schedule, and dropped by the military helicopter. It raises a question about what was happening?
5. The students also want a dialogue with the ministers to express the aspiration and request of the people of Papua on their right to “determine their own destiny”.”
Video on the blockage action by the Papuan Student can be accessed in

(Jubi/Victor Mambor/P. Maizier)

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