Papua students in Yogyakarta - Supplied

Papuan Students Reminded to Integrate

Papua students in Yogyakarta - Supplied

Papua students in Yogyakarta – Supplied

Jayapura, Jubi – Papua Provincial Government has reminded Papuan university students who are pursuing their studies in Yogyakarta, Manado and other cities to integrate with the local communities and culture.

Those who are studying in Yogyakarta have received special treatment from king of Keraton Yogyakarta, Sultan Hamengku Buwono.

“Sultan always invites Papuan students to take part in events held by Keraton Yogyakarta in order to promote relations with the local community,” said head of the general secretariat of Papua, Elisa F Auri, in Jayapura on last week.

He further said Sultan Hemengku Buwono respects the cultures of Papua, with the involvement of Papuan students to perform a variety of clothing or custom attributes in various events.


“Yes, there is closeness to the Sultan, although they are considered often disrupt public order in the city of Yogyakarta,” he said.

With the closeness between the lane X with Papuan students in Yogyakarta, Papua province Papua expect students to help maintain order of the city.

“Many Papuan students who are married to people of Yogyakarta and surrounding areas, especially in terms of religion is almost the same,” he said again.

Currently, nearly 10 thousand students from Papua are studying in Yogyakarta, followed by Manado which reached almost 10 thousand.
“From our data, in 2011, there were almost 8 thousands students from Papua studied in Menado. After graduation, we asked them to return to their respective regencies, “said Auri.

Previously, Legislator of Papua, Carolus Bolly urged students to maintain government assets, such as the dorm and its facilities.

“All students are obliged to maintain the government assets. No because of act of a few people or persons, dorm becomes target, “said Bolly. (Alexander Loen/Tina)

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