Students hold protest on transmigration issue (Jubi)

Papuan Students Reject Transmigration

Students hold protest on transmigration issue (Jubi)

Students hold protest on transmigration issue (Jubi)

Jayapura, Jubi – Hundreds of Papuan students held a protest to reject the transmigration program in Papua. They voiced their opposition to the program to the  Papua Leigslative Council  on Monday (17/11).

The students led by Pontius Mogodaman handed out leaftets that read: ‘Transmigration is a Human Right Violation’ and ‘Papuans Reject Transmigration’.

The protesters were students from some universities in Jayapura City, including Cenderawih University (UNCEN) and Umel Mandiri School of Law (STIH) .

The STIH Umel Mandiri representative, Yohanes Magai said transmigration would marginalize the indigenous Papua. He said the Papuan students asked the Papua’s Parliament to talk about the problem of population in the inaugural plenary session. “There must be a Special Regional Law (Perdasus) to control the outsiders come to Papua. Those who transfer to Papua are smart. They are not stupid. We ask the Papua’s Parliament to reject this program. If it happened, the Papuans would be marginalized. We are the owner of this land,” said Magai.


The Uncen representative Arius Yahuli similarly said the students didn’t ask for Otsus Plus, they only reject the transmigration program in Papua. They also asked the government and Papua’s Parliament to stop the regions split.

Papua’s councilors including Yunus Wonda, Eduard Kaize, Emus Gwijangge, Yanni, Nason Utti and Yokoba Lokbere met the students during the protest. The Acting Deputy Chairman Eduar Kaize promised to the students to follow up their demand. “We will officially publish the process. I was just like you, go to the street for protest,” said Kaize.

Meanwhile other councilor Yunus Wonda said the struggle of Papuans is the struggle of parliament. They knew exactly what was happened in Papua. The truth would never been covered. “We will send a letter to the Central Government to dismiss the transmigration program in Papua. We need a support from the people of Papua because we have been elected to represent the people of Papua,” he said.

The students went away peacefully from the parliament’s office after submitting their statement. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

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