Wasur One-roof High School (Jubi)

Papuan Students Dominate Wasur One-roof High School

Wasur One-roof High School  (Jubi)

Wasur One-roof High School (Jubi)

Merauke, Jubi – To address education problems in Merauke Regency, Wasur One-roof High School Principal Sergius Womsiwor is offering greater opportunities for indigenous Papuans to be educated in the school. Of 779 students at the school, 667 are Papuans.

“We have been too rigid with many of the rules for years. Many indigenous children were not able to obtain good education, while they have an equal right to education. They must be offered opportunities. The school will provide facilities for indigenous students. I believe if they can make it if they have a chance,” said Womsiwor to Jubi on Wednesday (12/11).

In addition to junior and senior high school, one-roof school is also offering early childhood education (PAUD), kindergarten (TK) and out-of-school learning groups for elementary and high school.  There are 88 children learned in Paud and TK, and 68 students joined the out-of-school learning package.
“This is an integrated school. We offer the opportunity for those who want to study and get a certificate,” he further said since he was committed to continue encouraging the indigenous students to come to the school for pursuing their future dreams.

“They can stay in the school dormitory, go to the school and learn. I’ll do my efforts to fulfill their needs. So far the food and school supplies have been fulfilled,” Womsiwor said.


While the former Commission A Chairman of Merauke Parliament, Dominikus Ulukyanan said he fully supported what Principal Womsiwor have been done. (Frans L Kobun/rom)

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