Papuan Officials Urged to Stop Thinking of Themselves


Jayapura, Jubi – Papuan Legislator Orgenes Wanimbo Tolli Wone reminded officials in Papua to not just think about themselves but also find solutions to public complaints.

He said both executive and legislative officials were elected by the people, so they should work for them.

“We can not just want to be praised but never see and care about the condition of the people. Therefore, we should discuss it together, “said Tolli Wone on Saturday (26/12/2015).

As a form of concern, he held a Christmas with dozens of orphans in Sereh village and community surroundings on Wednesday (23/12/2015).

He added, although he is not a legislator from Jayapura regency, Papua, but as a legislative member, he was burdened with the condition of the people in the neighborhood, especially the future of younger generation. “I have the burden of caring for orphaned children in my neighborhood.


They deserved to eating, drinking, getting a decent education. If we are only thinking of political interests, the people will be the victims. So officials should stop thinking of themselves, “he said.

Tolikara tribal chief in Jayapura regency, Nelson Jikwa said Orgenes was a good sample. He was able to pay attention to the people around him, without discrimination.

“He gave attention both Papuans from the mountains and coastal regions as well as people from outside Papua. He comes from the village, so he knows how lives in the community, “said Tabuni. (Arjuna Pademme/ Tina)

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