Papuan Officials Reminded to Not Forget Human Rights Violations


Jayapura, Jubi – A member of Commission I of Papua Political, Legal and Human Rights, Tan Wie Long, urged all parties to pay attention to cases of alleged human rights violations that occurred in Papua.

He said human rights violations that occurred in Papua have not been completely solved and urged officials not to forget them.

“We as officials, as policy makers need to be more focused on alleged past human rights violations in Papua so that victims and their families can get justice and their rights,” said Tan on Thursday (17/12/2015).

He also questioned the attitude of the central government, which seems to be dragging its feet in addressing human rights violations in Papua.

This condition would make the people of Papua disappointed especially Papuans who have been feeling unjustly treated.


“During this time, various parties continue to fight for the completion of cases of human rights violations, yet until now the result is still zero,” he said.

He also highlighted the condition of Representative of Human Right Commission ( Komnas HAM) in Papua. He said, since a few years ago, there is no a commissioner of Komnas HAM in Papua. It does not make sense.

Other Papuan legislator, Laurenzus Kadepa said, during this time, the country does not seem seriously want to solve various allegations of serious human rights violations in Papua.

“Jokowi must fulfill his promise to solve various alleged human rights violations until now, ” said Kadepa to Jubi some time ago. (Arjuna Pademme/ Tina)

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