Papuan Legislator Accuses Investors of Defrauding Pronggo Residents

Papua Legislative Council's Commission I member Mathea Mamoyau - Jubi

Papua Legislative Council’s Commission I member Mathea Mamoyau – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – A Papuan legislator of Electoral District III, Mathea Mamoyau, said some foreign investors who run the iron-sand mining at the Pronggo area of Mimika Barat Jauh Sub-district defrauded the local community.

“When they came to Prong go for the first time, these foreign investors made statements to the local people that their business is public mining. But in reality, the customary people have not benefited from it,” she said last week.

Mathea said the investors were allegedly running illegal business since the local community surrounding mining location namely Kamoro tribe were not involved in it. In addition, there is no supervision from any relevant offices such as the Department of Mining.
“I hope the Papua Provincial Government and Mimika Government can pay more attention to this situation. Do not let the indigenous people suffer and be harmed. Do not let it continue to happen in Papua, where people have always been victims of investors,” she said.

On one occasion, the Head of Mines and Energy Office of Mimika Regency, Philipus Kehek said the iron-sand mining activity in Pronggo area is legal. However, he said he doesn’t know whether the operating company has applied all relevant provisions such as environmental permit arrangement, pay retributions and taxes, and report the foreign workers to the local government and local immigration office. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)


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