Solidarity for Papua Human Right Violation (SKP-HAM) while held press conference - Jubi

Papuan Generation Would Never Forget Bloody Biak Incident 6 July 1998

Solidarity for Papua Human Right Violation (SKP-HAM) while held press conference - Jubi

Solidarity for Papua Human Right Violation (SKP-HAM) while held press conference – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Solidarity for Papua Human Right Violation (SKP-HAM) that consisting of United for Truth (BUK), KontraS Papua, Garda Papua, Independent Student Forum (FIM) said the State might not remember the massacre over Papuan People in Biak, 6 July 1998. However, SKP-HAM stated Papuan people would never forget the incident that killed dozens of people and injured hundreds of people.

The bloody incident was happened due to excessive reaction of security force towards people who waved the Morning Star flag. The incident scarified 230 people. 8 was dead, three were mission, four had severe injuries and must be evacuated to Makassar, 33 were arrested, 150 were tortured and 32 missing bodies were founded but the State never revealed this case and took the perpetrators to the court until now.

“As Papuans, we never forget this history. The security forces’ extreme act caused so many civilian victims that conducted peace demonstration at that time,” the Coordinator of United of Truth Peneas Lokbere told reporters in the press conference at KontraS Papua Office in Padang Bulan, Jayapura City on Monday (6/7/2015).
Lokbere said the human right activists and the people of Papua continue to struggle since the last administrative to this recent administrative. Under the leadership of President Joko Widodo, it’s expected the president could settle this case. The People of Papua keep waiting the good will of Jokowi’s administration to enforce the justice for the victims of Bloody Biak incident.

FIM Chairman Teko Kogoya in the press conference added the similar statement. The State should not forget the incident over the people of Papua in Biak including the women. The people of Papua always remember and won’t forget the humanitarian crisis that was happening after Suharto resigned as president.


“Though the State has been forgotten but the incident is still alive. Papuan generation today still remember it because it would keep to tell among generation to generation. This kind of story and moment made us to think that we are not part of this republic,” he said.

Meanwhile Presco Yesnat from Garda Papua revealed the bloody incident that happened in Biak sixteen years ago indicate the State’s point of view over Papuans. Papuans are not considered as human and not part of Indonesian citizen. “This country consider people in Papua is not part of Indonesia, therefore they treat us different,” Yesnat said.

In the future, the government should change their point of view over Papuan people. The people of Papua should be seen as human and citizen. The change has actually become a commitment of Jokowi’s Government during the campaign and his visit. “Jokowi should realize his commitment,” said Lokbere. (Mawel Benny/rom)

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