Papuan Churches Urges Jokowi to Form KPP HAM


Jayapura, Jubi – Ecumenical Churches Working Forum in Papua urged the President of Indonesia to form the Investigation Team on Human Right Violation (KPP HAM) to accomplish the shooting case in Paniai occurred in 8 December 2014.

The Papuan Gospel Tabernacle Church Synod Chairman Rev. Benny Giay in the Press Release said after four months there is still no explication on who’s responsible behind the bloody incident. He further said the investigation report published by Papua Police on 5 March 2015 seems miss the expectation.

“Papua Police seems to protect their officers. They tried to split the case into separated case; therefore it became unclear and difficult to find the shooting perpetrator. It seems they ignored the substance of charge against the victims. The investigation was biased and took side on certain institution. The case of severe human right violation was guided to be a regular criminal case,” Benny Giay said this week.
On the other hand, he said the Military seems to remain silent and acted as if they were not involved in this case. The Police and Military silently seems point their fingers to each other. Besides the local Air Force Commander has not yet confirmed about two persons who placed on the Enarotali Airport tower at that time. Until now people are still waiting the result of those who promised to immediately reveal the perpetrator.

“Death and destruction are now hanging on our mind and heart. The angel of death is moving to our land. The Police and Military who represented the State were not working. In fact, both institutions become the angel of death to destroy Papua,” he said.

The Papuan Baptism Church Synod Chairman Rev. Socrates Yoman similarly said based on these understanding and reflection, it has been long time the church baptism dealing with violence from decades. “Look at this progress as the Military/Police effort to avoid and protect themselves by burying the source of killed that to be another violence,” Yoman said.


Meanwhile the Evangelical Church President Rev. Dorman Wandikmbo said his church asked Jokowi to form the KPP HAM before he visit to Papua and question all related parties. Jokowi also should appoint a ministerial-level State Official to manage the conflict issue between Papua and Jakarta through a dialog mediated by third impartial party.

“We also hope that people to grasp this dialogue discourse by ending the weapons and bullets trading in Papua which supplied by military/police officers since September to December 2014 and giving priority to those who arranged a dialogue between Jakarta – Papua that currently under consideration of many parties and Papua Peace Network to prevent the further conflict. Papuan women who had been the victims for long time ago should be the motivators to heading a process of dialogue,” he said. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

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