Coins have been collected by PapuaItuKita - Suplied

PapuaItuKita Gives Charity Coins to National Human Right Committee

Coins have been collected by PapuaItuKita - Suplied

Coins have been collected by PapuaItuKita – Suplied

Yogyakarta, Jubi – Marking six months after the shootings in Pania that killed four students, civl society group PapuaItuKita handed over coins collected from the public to the National Human Rights Commission (KOMNAS HAM) on last week.

“KOMNAS HAM said they had no budget to continue the investigation without telling the public to clarify the bureaucratic problem at KOMNAS HAM. The coin is to symbolize the public criticism over the indifference to the victims of human right violations before the government bureaucracy,” Coordinator PapuaItuKita Zely Ariane told Jubi by email from Jakarta on last week.

She explained the Paniai Case is the shooting incident by Indonesian Security Forces against Alpius Youw (17), Yulian Yeimo (17), Simon Degei (18), Alpius Gobai (17) at Lapangan Karel Gobay on 8 December 2014 where surrounded by Military Regional Dormitory, Air Force Headquarter and the airfield. The victims were buried at Lapangan Karel Gobay where located in front of Military Regional Command 1705 Paniai Timur and Paniai Timur Police Office.

Until now, the victims’ families are still waiting the resolution in disappointment. Meanwhile the Military’s pressure that also insisted conducting separate investigation keeps going. Currently the Military Regional Command 1705 station has removed. Initially it located in front of the graves now it moved on location behind the graves. Meanwhile those graves are still waiting for justice.


“Since the beginning PapuaItuKita demanded the National Human Right Commission for leading the investigation based on the Law No. 26/2000 on Human Right Trial through petition on that currently has about 14.000 supporters,” said Zely.

Through series of rallies, PapuaItuKita also keep remind the commission to
conduct immediate and serious work. Not only the protest, PapuaItuKita also help the Paniai investigation team of National Human Right Committee to prepare the Paniai Case Matrix which indicate that the shooting incident over four teenagers in Paniai has met with the categories of severe human right violation.

According to Zely, at this level the Human Right Commission was very slow in working, and it’s proven through the working process such as initial investigation based on the Law No.39/1999 has taken time at least 3 months since December 2014 to March 2015 which resulted an executive summary that according to PapuaItuKita was not proper comparing with the evidences that could be accessed and analyzed.

Then, the unqualified executive summary on the investigation was proven in the KOMNAS HAM Plenary in last April. The forum decided to raise the status of investigation based on the Law 26/2000, but the team was still need to complete the Case Matrix in one month because it was considered incomplete. In this process, PapuaItuKita has provided feedback on the matrix case in the late April for taking to the plenary in May.

In May, the plenary meeting of National Human Right Commission reportedly has taken decision to form the Paniai Ad Hoc team. Up to July, public still do not know who’s the members and their working progress. At mid of June, the Ad Hoc team made announcement for lacking of budget to conduct the advance investigation.

It’s very disappointed. The Human Right Commission that expected leading the investigation because it involved the security forces members and met the categories of severe human right violation. The Human Right Commission is seemed powerless.

Meanwhile at the same time, the Military-Police continue to pressure the victims’ families to settle the case on Military Tribune instead of Human Right Trial.

PapuaItuKita refused the case settlement through military tribune because it was systematically involved the security forces. So they must be sentenced in the Human Right Trial.

For that reason, PapuaItuKita asked the clarification on the status of Paniai Ad hoc Team, its members and their jobs. It also asked for non-budget policy for the Ad hoc Team in solving the case as well as to give the charity coins to the commission to accelerate their performance.

The cases of shooting and other violence cases in Papua are growing since December last year. From day by day it grows larger and takes so many casualties from young people. We cannot let it happen. When public couldn’t provide the real fact about why this case was left behind and why the National Human Right Commission didn’t speed up the investigation though they have the mandate, we cannot let it go because the loss of life was never happened through bureaucracy and never asked for a lot of money.

As earlier reported by Jubi in Jayapura, Student Independent Forum (FIM) has handed over Rp 608 thousand rupiahs to National Human Right Commission Papua at KOMNAS HAM Papua Office. “We hope the money was delivered directly to the Ad Hoc team. The team led by Manajer Nasution would immediately return to Paniai, it’s appropriate with the statement of Indonesian Human Right Commission. So better it gave directly to the Ad Hoc team,” the Acting Chairman of KOMNAS HAM Papua Fritz Ramandey said when meeting with FIM activists. (Arnold Belau/rom)


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