Temporary market for Papuan Women Traders (Jubi)

Papua Women Traders Reject Governor’s offer

Temporary market for Papuan Women Traders (Jubi)

Temporary market for Papuan Women Traders (Jubi)

Jayapura , 19/1 ( Jubi ) – The Indigenous Papuan Traders who are members of the indigenous Papuan Solidarity ( Solpap ) reject a proposal of the government of Papua Province which offerring an alternative place of constructing permanent traditional market in the area of Health Department housings, located on Jalan Ahmad Yani, in front of Sagoo Indah Plaza ( SIP ), Jayapura city.

Secretary of the Indigenous Papuan Solidarity ( Solpap), Robert Jitmau said, after Solpap protested at the opening session of the Local Government Annual Budget Plan ( RAPBD) and non- Annual budget Plan of Papua Province at the Papua Legislative Council ( DPRP) office on Thursday night ( 16/1 ), the Governor of Papua Luke Enembe offered to them a permanent market in the area of Health Department Housings.
” In order to follow up the Governor of Papua considerations and proposal on an alternative place of building a local market that has to be decided by mama – mama Papua referring to Papuan women and members of Solpap. Due to be reported back to the Governor, we held a joint meeting at their market on Jalan Ampera , Jayapura, last Friday (7/1). The meeting was attended by mama – mama of Papuan traders, Korck Papua , Foker , GMKI Jayapura, Dehaling Uncen , PKRI , Catholic Youth , Elsam Papua , Papua SKPKC OFM and Garda Papua.” said Robert Jitmau to Tabloidjubi.com via short message on Sunday ( 19/1).
According to him, the results of the meeting is mama – mama refused  this offer and preferred the local market construction in the area of Damri instead. Their reasons rejected this offer because the location is narrow and may not be able to accommodate about 1,000 more indigenous Papuan traders .
” The result from a joint meeting was that mama – mama Papua still choose their market building construction located at Damri’s site because the alternative location offered by the Government of Papua is narrow and can not accommodate approximately 1,119 people indigenous Papuan traders , as well as a parking lot. ” he said .
” Moreover, the struggle of getting Damri’s location took times .The bottom line is they reject an alternative location which is offered to them. They prefer Damri’s location instead.” explained Robert Jitmau.
Previously, hundreds of indigenous Papuan traders protested when opening plenary session of Parliament at the Papua Legislative Council’s courtroom for the discussion of Local Government Annual Budget Plan ( RAPBD )of Papua Province for 2014 and the approval of the draft Law on Special Autonomy Plus, Special Regional Regulations and Non- Annual budget Plan ( APBD)on Thursday night ( 16/1 ) .
One of Mama Papua, Yuliana Pigay said, Papuan women traders will never get tired of fighting for the a permanent market in the center of the city of Jayapura even though we have been fighting for 13 years .
” All this time we have been deceived and get the sweet promises from our children who become officials. We are so furious and upset because we are their parents . There is a budget of Rp 10 billion and now Rp. 45 billion yet we do not know where the money is. Since,there is no progress to build our market. ” said Yuliana .
The land has always been a problem..Actually, this amount of money can be used for payment of the land and rented a warehouse owned by PT.Bintang Mas in Entrop, so Damri can move and market for Papuan women traders can be built right away .
” We are surprised because of the mayor after mayor , members of the DPRP after members of DPRP, MRP after MRP and even Governor after Governor, haven’t built our market yet and still unclear . Shall we wait till Jesus Christ come to build our market? ” she said furiously. (Jubi/Arjuna/Tina)

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