Jigibama traditional market in Wamena, jayawijaya District - Jubi

Papua Women Traders Consider Bank Irritated

Jigibama traditional market in Wamena, jayawijaya District - Jubi

Jigibama traditional market in Wamena, Jayawijaya Regency – Jubi

Wamena, Jubi – To ask the certainty on the business grant promised by the local government, Papuan women traders of Potikelek Market came to Jayawijaya Cooperation and Industry Office in Wamena on last week.

Traders Coordinator Elesabet Lokobal said to Jubi on Thursday (10/3/2015), the women traders in Potikelek Market said the business grant was actually provided this year after statement by Jayawijaya Legislative Council in their reses time in the early of 2016.

Therefore, Lokobal who represented other women questioned about the existence of the grant and how to process the installment and who would get it.

In response, the Secretary of Jayawijaya Cooperation and Industry Office Karel Tuhupuring who accepted dozens of Papua women traders at his office said it was a promise of the local government but just could be realized in 2016, which the amount is Rp 1 billion and would be distributed in near future.
He also explained the Cooperation and Industry Office is in charge and these funds are already under the custody of regional treasurer and later would be distributed by Bank Papua.


He also asked the Papua women traders to immediately provide any related administrative requirement concerning to the distribution of funds as bank loan instead of direct grant.

Papua women traders in response the answer said they refuse the bank’s involvement in term of grants distribution because they think it would displease them. As because of the Cooperation and Industry Office could not guarantee whether the money would distributed as grant or bank loan, the protesters returned to Jayawijaya Regent Office to protest and voice their aspiration to Jayawijaya Regional Secretary Yohanes Walilo.

After hearing their aspiration, Walilo said based on the regent’s guidance, the fund has already provided by Jayawijaya Regional Government for women traders at Potikelek Market through the bank. But if they do not comfort with the bank, the local government agreed to distribute it as direct grant. “We will give it in cash but it’s not for free. They are still be listed by the Cooperation and Industry Office and they oblige to provide clarified data, such as how long they run the business and what kind of business they own. And the requirements are still remain. It must be run, although not through the mechanism of bank loan. Thus we expect the women traders to provide any requirements,” said the Regional Secretary. (Islami/rom)

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