Papua To Plant 1,000 Hectares of Sweet Potato in 2015


Jayapura, Jubi – The Department of Food Crops and Horticulture in Papua will plant  1,000 hectares of sweet potato in Merauke this year, an official said.

“We are thinking local food must be preserved and promoted. We have to think a moment, if there is no supply of food from outside, Papua can live with local commodities, ” head of Food Crops and Horticulture Papua, Samuel Siriwa told reporters in Jayapura, Papua on Sunday (15/02/2015).

He said  currently Papua is self-sufficient in sweet potato.
“We should encourage local food because in rural areas, the rice program will be stopped. Now officials prefer to eat local meals and avoid eating rice at parties,” he added.

Earlier, head of Food Security of Papua Province, Altical Patulak, urged people not to rely on rice.

The provincial government plans to draft legislation to promote and preserve local food.
“We have proposed  a weekly ‘no rice day’,” Patulak stated. Continued, currently the Papuan people have started to get used to consume food from outside, such as rice. This causes local food started slowly forgotten.


“Now we begin to stimulate local food cultivation, such as tubers because we do not want people to depend on food from outside, “he said. (Alexander Loen/ Tina)

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