Bullet holes at the location of the death of Pastor Yeremias Zanambani

The family asked to be accompanied by The National Commission on Human Rights for Pastor Yeremias Zanambani’s autopsy.


Jayapura, Papua, Jubi  – The National Commission on Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia (Komnas HAM RI) stated that Pastor Yeremias Zanambani’s family were agree to autopsied Pastor Zanambani’s body. However, when the process is carried out, The National Commission on Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia was attend at the process and accompanying the victim’s family.


Choirul Anam, commissioner of The National Commission on Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia made that statement on his press at the Papua National Commission for Human Rights Office in Jayapura City on Saturday (17/10/2020).


“While we were at the location, victim’s family asked us for accompanies the autopsy process. They explained the reason of signing for an autopsy because they need an accompaniment,” said Choirul Anam.



According to him, the family stated that the autopsy should not be done if they are accompanied. Therefore, The National Commission on Human Rights agreed and committed to assists the victim’s family.


“When will the autopsy be done? It does depend on the police investigator. But the family asked The National Commission on Human Rights to be present at the autopsy and we agreed on that,” he said.


He acknowledged that The National Commission on Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia Monitoring and Investigation Team and the Papuan representative, which he led, were late in conducting investigations due to technical problems. His team was only able to conduct field investigations on last week.


 “The family wishes us to go to the location. The family hopes that The National Commission on Human Rights will work independently and professionally, ” he said.


Recently, Natalis Tabuni, the Regent form Intan Jaya also stated that the family were agreed to autopsied Pastor Zanambani’s body to ascertain the type of bullet that penetrated the victim’s body.


He said, that agreement were delivered by the victim’s family on a meeting with the local government and Fact-Finding Team, before leaving Intan Jaya after completing his investigative duties there.


According to Natalis, initially the family refused to hold an autopsy. However, after hearing the explanation, the family was finally agreed for the autopsy with several conditions.


Firstly, the family wanted to do the autopsy on the condition that it has to be carried out in Hitadipa District, where the victim was buried. And secondly, the autopsy must be done by an independent doctor and not by the police or Indonesian Army.


He stated, the government are supporting family decisions and will facilitate the process of autopsy.


On the other hand, until today, the local government and victim’s family were still waiting for the information from Fact-Finding Team regarding the autopsy.


Pastor Yeremias Zanambani were shot and stabbed in Kampung Bomba, Hitadipa District while he was on his pigpen on September 19, 2020. (*)


Editor: Syam Terrajana

Translated by: Nuevaterra


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