Papua Students in Sulawesi Utara Going Home Due to Threats


Abepura, Jubi – Papuan students of Asmat origins are leaving the Lorong Kalutai of Tomohon Utara Sub-district, Tondano Selatan, Sulawesi Utara because they feel their safety is threatened.

“They left this town (Tondano) due to concerns about their safety. Every night irresponsible people disturbed their dormitory,” said a Papuan student in Manado, Yanowarius Lagowan in a text message to Jubi on Tuesday (11/11).

The Papuan Student Association chairman in Tondano, Agust Kangoro confirmed the Papuan students of Asmat origin are returning home. “That’s right. There were 17 students who departed today by ship and six have departed last week. So the total is 23 students,” Asmat student Kangoro told Jubi on Tuesday (11/11).

He said his colleagues decided to leave the town for their safety. “It’s related to a Papuan student’s murder case. They will return if the problem is over,” he said.

Earlier, on Monday (20/10), about 20 Papuan students from Raja Ampat and Serui have returned to Papua, followed by several Papuan students from southern Papua who departed from Manado on 25 October. According to the Papuan Student Association (Imapa) Chairman in Sulawesi Utara, Yemto Tabo, about 200 Papuan students had left their studies in Manado and Tondano.


Meanwhile, students’ expectation over the provincial government of Papua and West Papua to visit Sulawesi Utara to accommodate the conflict resolution is finally realized. The website reported the First Assistant of Papua Government, Doren Wakerkwa led the government representatives to meet with the local heads of Sulawesi Utara in Manado. The delegation even met the Police Chief Brigadier General Police Jimmy Palmer Sinaga.

According to Wakerkwa, the purpose of his mission is for reconciliation to ensure the Papuan students were guaranteed safe and secured during their studies in Sulawesi Utara. He also said about the delegation’s plan to reconcile the Papuan students, both provincial government of Papua and West Papua, Papua Police Chief and Cenderawasih XVII Military Commander with the Provincial Government of Sulawesi Utara, Sulut Police Chief and Tataaran local community.
“There should be a joint declaration between the Provincial Government of Sulawesi Utara and the Provincial Government of Papua and West Papua in regards to Papuan students’ safety here,” Wakerkwa said.

He regretted the incident occurred in Tataaran that killed a Papuan student Petius Tabuni last month.  Wakerkwa who was graduated from an university in Manado thought there was a third party who triggered the incident. “There must be a hidden hand who want this happened,” Wakerkwa said. (Benny Mawel/Victor Mambor/rom)

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