Papua Signs Declaration on Melanesian Brotherhood


Ambon, Jubi – Papua and four other Indonesian provinces signed the ‘Declaration on Melanesian Brotherhood’ in Ambon, Maluku province on Wednesday (7/10/2015) during an event attended by the President Joko Widodo.

The former Papua Vice Governor and Regional Secretary Constan Carma represented Papua Governor Lukas Enembe and put an initial-sign on the paper. “Papua Governor Lukas Enembe was not able to attend the event, so he gave me a mandate to put an initial-sign as a sign of approval.

According to Karma, although he was not able to attend the event, the Governor Lukas Enembe will later sign the Declaration of Melanesian Brotherhood. “In addition to Papua, four other provinces participated in the signing of declaration are East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), Maluku, North Maluku and West Papua,” he said.

He explained in addition to Papua Governor, the governors of North Maluku and West Papua also were not able to attend the event. “The Declaration of Indonesian Melanesian Brotherhood has connection with the internal political interest in the eastern Indonesia,” he said.

Further he said this is because people in the five provinces who agreed to sign the declaration are part of or group of Melanesian race.
“This political agreement is excellent and important to maintain the unity and brotherhood of Melanesia and Indonesia,” he said.


He further said this agreement is important in political relation because the five provinces have different custom and culture, this could be a mediator or unifier. (*/rom)

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