Fishing vessels - Illustrated

Papua Provincial Government Set up 286 Fishing Vessels

Fishing vessels - Illustrated

Fishing vessels – Illustrated

Jayapura, Jubi – Papua Provincial Marine and Fisheries Office are praparing more than 286 fishing vessels of different gross tonnage.

“The vessels are in response to a proposal submitted by regencies, namely Jayapura Municipality, Jayapura, Biak, Yapen, Waropen, Timika and Merauke regencies,” said Fransiscus Xaverius Mote after the inauguration of Fishery Forum Board from Jayapura Municipality, Sarmi and Keerom regencies last week.

According to Mote, the office was only facilitating the assistance provided by the Central Government to the regional/municipal government through the proposal.

“There are such requirements, for example they must establish a cooperation which is consisting of 20 fishermen at least and they have the fisherman ID card,” he said.


Not only getting the vessel, the fishermen are also included in the training from the Indonesian Ministry of Marine and Fisheries for all positions in the boat, such as the captain, machine operators, catching crews and so on.

“They promised to manage the human resources to be trained. Why would we give those vessels without coaching or training the people,” Mote firmly said.

Director of Market Access and Promotion of the Ministry of Marine and Fisheries Ines Rahmania considered this assistance is the best attempt for Papua.

“Now along with the minister’s policy of moratorium, there are lots of fishes but less ices. So with this small assistance, we hope the fishermen do not need to wait very long for getting fishes,” she said. (Sindung Sukoco/rom)

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