Papua Police Women Get Skills Training Before Assignment


Jayapura, Jubi – As many as 184 Policewomen of Papua Police receive special training at the State Police Academy (SPN) in Jayapura before being assigned to local police offices in Papua.

The training will be held for four weeks starting on Monday (19/1).

The Inspector of Regional Regulatory of Papua Police,  Senior Commissioner Petrus Waine said at the opening ceremony that the purpose of this training is so that officers have the same vision in executing their tasks on the ground. Moreover, each region has a different character.
“They must be trained before going to the fields for serving the communities on their duty stations. They got a training in order to understand and conduct a cultural approach as well as to learn the characteristics of each area, so the Police would be close with the people,” Petrus Waine said on Monday (18/1).

According to him, the policewomen got a basic learning about the police internal-personal, how to provide service to the women and children, skills of negotiation, skills building and child protection. “If a problem raised among the community, they would be a mediator,” he said.

While the Head of SPN Jayapura, the Police Senior Commissionaire Hadi Ramdani similarly said the policewomen would be placed in the Women and Child Service Unit at every local police offices of Papua Police. “It is in accordance with a policy issued by the government and the Indonesian Police Headquarter. The placement of the policewomen is based on their respective areas. It would be also adjusted with the requirement of each local offices,” he said. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)


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