Dani Yogi from the Independent Student Forum (FIM). (Jubi/Arnold Belau)

Papua Police Slow to Uncover Paniai Prepetrators

Dani Yogi from the Independent Student Forum (FIM). (Jubi/Arnold Belau)

Dani Yogi from the Independent Student Forum (FIM). (Jubi/Arnold Belau)

Jayapura, Jubi – A student group said the Papua Police have been slow in  finding the perpetrators of the shootings in Paniai which four students were killed on December 8, 2014.

Several church organizations, National Human Rights Commission of Indonesia and Papua Police have conducted an investigation and Papua Police have promised to reveal the perpetrators only until now it has not been revealed, said Dani Yogi from the Independent Student Forum (FIM).

“We asked the police to immediately uncover the perpetrators. Police, in its statement said that it will reveal the culprit if the fourth buried body was dug up. Police, please do not shift the issue and have to show your professionalism,” Dani told reporters in Abepura.

“It is the job of the police to find the perpetrators, but why does the police chief want to bargain with civil society,” chairman of the FIM, Meleanus Duwitau added.


Therefore, Independent Student Forum demanded the investigation team to conduct the process of in-depth investigation in Paniai. Then, military/police should be more welcoming to the investigation team to conduct the investigation.

Meanwhile, members of Investigation Team, Laurenzus Kadepa said Papua Police’s statement on exhumations of the fourth body for an autopsy to ascertain the type of ammunition was not the solution.

“Digging back the bodies of the victims were not the solution. It will only worsen the situation. We appreciate the efforts of police and army reveal the case, but the victim’s family sincerely hope the perpetrator soon revealed,” Laurenzus Kadepa said to Jubi on Friday (02/13/2015). (Arnold Belau/Tina)

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