Papua Police Report False, KNPB Says

Logo KNPB. (

Logo KNPB. (

Jayapura, Jubi – The West Papua National Committee (KNPB) denied reports that 14 of its members have been detained by police in the port of Nabire, Papua.

“The information is not true. The truth is just one of our members was arrested for carrying materials for political education on national and international developments, ” Bazooka Logo, KNPB spokesperson, said in Waena on Monday (16/02/2015).

He said the news that cited the Papua police was aimed to deceive the public.
“Police said fourteen people were arrested is false. Actually they are now at the secretariat of KNPB, Nabire. And today KNPB Nabire is mediating fourteen people to face the police station to ask their members freed, ” logo .

Furthermore he said, the news published in one local newspaper which was confirmed by the Papua regional police spokeswoman was also not true.
“This arrest was unreasonable. If KPNB do the anarchists, police can arrest. If Indonesia arrests us because we speak Papua independence, it means this country bans our right to speak. Remember, it has been guaranteed by the constitution in this country, “he explained.“Kami

Ones Suhuniap, when contacted by Jubi via cell phone from Nabire confirmed that one person was detained at the police station of Nabire. And on this day, Monday (02/16/2015) KNPB Nabire region went to the police station and ask to be released.


Meanwhile, on Sunday (15/02/2015) Police Commissioner Patriage Renwarin to reporters in Jayapura, said police in Nabire have secured fourteen members of KNPB from Sorong and Fakkfak region. (Arnold Belau/Tina)

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