Papua Police Reenact Shootings of Two Officers


Jayapura, Jubi – Papua police and suspects reenacted the shootings that killed two members of the Lanny Jaya police by unknown gunmen last year.

The reenactment was conducted in in Buton village, Jayapura city on Tuesday afternoon (10/02/2015), led by the deputy director of criminal investigations, Nur Habri.

There were 10 scenes performed by two suspects, Wuyungga Tabuni, and Nesmin Wonda. And it was known that the night before the attack, they held a meeting at Enden Wanimbo’s home. The meeting was attended by Enden Wanimbo, Oni Wonda aka Oniara, Tier Wonda, Imu Wonda, Yam Two Tabuni, Kuloi Wonda, Nasimin Wonda, Ingge Wonda, Bagaya and Wuyungga Tabuni.

The next day, they stopped eight Lanny Jaya police who were patrolling by a Strada car to Indawa district area. As a result, Brigadier Zulqlifli and Brigadier Yoga were killed on the spot. After the attack, one of the attackers took four guns and some ammunition then ran into the woods.

After reconstruction, the Papua Police spokesman, Commissioner Patrige Renwarin said, the reconstruction was done based on the examination of the two suspects who were arrested some time ago.
“This was done based on the testimony of two suspects and to complete the data before handing to the  prosecutor. Both suspects are main actors who took four guns from the members,” he added.


Meanwhile, Nur Habri said, there are 12 perpetrators and two of them got arrested. Now police are still pursuing the rest of them. (Arjuna Pademme/Tina)

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