Papua police beating a student after demonstration (Jubi)

Papua Police need to make grand design as the basis of a security system

Papua police beating a student after demonstration (Jubi)

Papua police beating a student after demonstration (Jubi)

Jayapura , 30/12 ( Jubi ) – Deputy Executive Director of The Alliance Democracy for Papua (AlDP), Yusman Conoras said Papua Police need to make the clear rules or grand design as the basis of a security system in Papua. For example, in dealing with demonstrations or other security cases.

” It’s important. For securing a demonstration or other security cases in Papua , Police should already have the grand design of security with regard to democracy and human rights aspects. For example, the rules or grand design made for five years, when police chief  changed, this rules still used. Now, when Police chief replaced, security policy also, ” said Yusman Conoras , Monday (30/12) .

According to him,  Central Government always declared Papua is not conflict area. “But why the issues of security and defense as well as the delivery of non-organic troops to west Papua, also included in the national budget?” he asked.

Mark Beeson and Alex J. Bellamy, in 2002 wrote a report ‘Securing Southeast Asia: The politics of security sector reform. They said ‘..By some estimates 60–65% of the military’s actual operating expenses come from ‘off-budget sources’ rather than the government (Cochrane 2002). This is a euphemism for a host of legal and illegal practices that include legitimate involvement in state-owned and private businesses, as well as a range of activities in the ‘black economy.’ An estimated 30% of government funding of the military ‘is lost through corruption in the process of buying military equipment and supplies. The budget also used to send troops to conflict area like West Papua and Aceh.


In addition, Beeson and Bellamy said the territorial commands (Kodams) are responsible for ‘the bulk of their operational fund-raising.

As Wikipedia stated, bellow is the budget of Indonesia’s Military from 2005 – 2014 :

Fiscal Year     Budget (IDR)                  Budget (USD)
2005                 Rp 21.97 trillion           USD 2.5 billion
2006                 Rp 23.6 trillion              USD 2.6 billion
2007                 Rp 32.6 trillion              USD 3.4 billion
2008                 Rp 36.39 trillion            USD 3.8 billion
2009                 Rp 33.6 trillion               USD 3.3 billion
2010                 Rp 42.3 trillion               USD 4.47 billion
2011                 Rp 47.5 trillion               USD 5.2 billion
2012                Rp 64.4 trillion                USD 7.5 billion
2013                Rp 81.8 trillion                 USD 8.44 billion
2014                Rp 83.4 trillion                USD 7.91 billion

In addition to receiving state funds, Police in West Papua also received funding from PT. Freeport Indonesia. The financial statements of Freeport Indonesia, since 2001 until 2010, wrote this Gold Company has delivered security payments to the Indonesian police and military forces in the accumulated amount of 79.1 million U.S. Dollars.

According to the National Police, the fund is to support the success of handling, safety and prevention of interference with security in Papua. (Jubi/Arjuna/Victor Mambor)

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