Anti hoax campaign of Jubi - IST

Papua Police: Fake media deliberately make Jayapura chaotic


Anti hoax campaign of Jubi – IST

Jayapura, Jubi – Papua Regional Police (Polda) affirmed there are a number of fake online media deliberately spread hoax issues that provoke  communites in Papua.

The news spread relate to the burning of Bible recently, which is declared not true but has been disseminated through social media, resulting unrest among residents.

This was affirmed by Head of Papua Police Public Relations, Kombes Pol. A.M. Kamal, as associated with provocateurs and the spread of the issue of biblical burning issue in Jayapura. He said the spreaders of the issue had been arrested.

“This ( is hoax. There are (people) who deliberately want Jayapura not conducive,” said Kombes Pol. A.M. Kamal to Jubi on Friday, (May 26).


According to Kamal, the police now is developing investigation on the provocateur that lead to violence action on Thursday 25 May. Three residents, including ex-Persipura player Victor Pulanda, Edi Siep and Alvian Ukago were hit by bullets while they were watching the angry crowd in front of army resort command office. While Jayapura Police Chief, AKBP. Tober Sirait and his aide were hospitalized for being thrown from the masses.

“We have not caught the perpetrators (provocateurs), and still doing the investigation. The media ( was deliberately creating provocation between us,” he said.

Separately, the holder of the Press Certificate from Press Council in Papua, Victor Mambor reminds public that the number of online media in Papua which is irresponsible is increasing, and the public needs to know that the press and media have standards set out by the Press Council.

The press company, according to the founder of Jubi Newspaper and, shall be obliged to announce openly their editorial structure of which is the name, address and responsible person through the media concerned.

“Especially for the printed media, the name and printing address is obliged,” he said.

It is said, the announcement is intended as a manifestation of responsibility for published journalistic work. If there is a media that does not announce the composition of the editorial and the management of the company, he said, so the media is not clear because they do not want to be responsible for the content.

“And if you spread articles from this media you can be accused of spreading the hoax or violate the ITE Act, and its criminal! So, be careful to spread the news from unclear online media,” said Mambor. (*)

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