GIDI's members were injured in hospital after the incident - Jubi

Papua Police Forced the Tolikara’s Shooting Victims to Sign a Statement Letter

GIDI's members were injured in hospital after the incident - Jubi

GIDI’s members were injured in hospital after the incident – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – A man claimed officer of Papua Police forced the Tolikara’s shooting victims to sign a statement letter without noticing the content, told the victims and their family to Jubi on Monday (27/7/2015).

The man reportedly forced two of six victims who are currently staying at man’s surgery room of Dok II Public Hospital to give their thumbprint. “He took my hand then put my thumbprint on a paper,” told Amaten Wenda who was shot on the right arm and should be got two surgeries as bullet crushed the bone.

Right now his right arm is still His right arm is still bandage covering and swelling. “I didn’t want it but he forced me. I couldn’t fight him because my arm’s hurt,” the 30 old years farmer Wenda said.

Besides Wenda, paramedic who accompanied the six young men said similar thing happened to Yetimbula Yikwa. “He’s mute, unable to speak. That man (the police) came and talked with him but he cannot answer. Then, the man grabbed his hand and put his thump on a paper,” said paramedic Jekson Weya.


This coercive measure was occurred on Sunday (26/7). Meanwhile, other victims admitted refusing to sign since there’s no explanation about its purpose. “I refused because do not know what is it for. I hope my parents, and the Church could check over this,” said Yulianus Lambe who’s been shot on left leg.

Lack of Medical Care
Chairman of GIDI Youth, Yadianus Mabel deplored the police’s action taking signature of victims with violence.

“I deplore the police’s attitude. Why could he grab the victim’s hand like that? It’s still hurt. It was suspicious. If they want to help they couldn’t do that way,” said Mabel.

He said he has met with two police officers when they want to meet with other victims for signature on Monday. He said to the officers to leave the victims alone because they are already traumatized by the incident.

“We already have a lawyer. Just call our lawyer if want to meet. The police who want any information, please contact our lawyer,” he firmly said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chairman of GIDI Youth Amos Kobak who also came to visit the victims at hospital said the coercive measure could be happened due to lack of attention and weak of control from hospital authority.

“We also deplore about no medical attention. There are patients in here but the hospital just let the others came using force to get the signature. They should help the patients from others for their comfort,” said Kobak. (Yuliana Lantipo/rom)

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