Papua Police Continue Investigation on Bhayangkari Embezzlement Case


Sorong, Jubi  – An investigation into alleged embezzlement  of rotating savings in the Bhayangkari (Policemen’s Wives Association) in Sorong Municipality which implicates its former chairwoman is under way, Papua Deputy Police Chief Paulus Waterpauw said on Sunday (19/10).

“The case is continuing and under investigation.  The case has been exposed, so it must be managed properly,” Waterpauw said.

He said  the district police chief had been suspended and questioned in connection with the case.

The case was brought to public attention after members of Bhayangkari in Sorong said they suspected fraud in their organization because they never received the rotating savings money deducted from their husbands’ salaries.

The former Bhayangkari chairwoman was allegedly involved in the case, which revolves around 432 million rupiahs in savings money.


Members raised the issue during a handover ceremony from former chairwoman Dewi Ratnasari Goldenhart to her successor Mrs. Ritongan but there was no response.
“We hope the Deputy Chief’s visit could explain the investigation process because this case seems to have been forgotten,” a Bhayangkari member said. (Nees makuba/Albert Yomo/rom )

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