Aristoteles Masoka - Jubi

Papua Police Asked to Open Aristoteles Masoka Case

Aristoteles Masoka - Jubi

Aristoteles Masoka – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Papua Police have been urged to investigate the disappearance of Aristoteles Masoka, the driver of late Theys Eluay who was killed  by Special Force members on 18 November 2001.

“The murder case of Theys Eluay is already closed because the perpetrators have already been punished. But the case of missing Aristoteles still remains a question until the Papua Police asked for an investigation,” said the First Deputy of the Ministry of Political, Legal and Security Affairs Major General Yoehi Swastono in Jakarta on last week.

He explained the order to conduct an investigation was decided as the result of a limited discussion about the documentation of human rights cases at the Ministry of Political, Legal and Security Affairs office in Jakarta in last April.

Separately, Commissionaire of Indonesian Human Rights Commission Sandra Moniaga justified the decision to investigate the missing of Aristoteles Masoka. According to her, the Human Rights Commission, the Indonesian Police and the Ministry of Political, Legal and Security Affairs have recorded 12 cases of human rights violations in Papua, which must be resolved.


“Mapenduma and Biak cases would be resolved politically through approval of the Indonesian House of Representatives, while Wamena and Wasior case would be solved under the Law 26 Year 2000, but the reconstruction of the cases must be redone. The investigation on Paniai case still continue, while some cases has been done or under legal process. And the Aristoteles Masoka case is quite unique. Papua Police Chief and Military Commander were requested to conduct an investigation on this case immediately,” said Sandra Moniaga on Tuesday (17/5/2016).

Aristoteles’ father Yonas Masoka said his son was missing at the age of 21 years old. At that time he was a student of the second semester at the University of Jayapura Sains and Technology majoring construction engineering. He decided to work to not burden his parents by becoming Theys’ personal driver.

“Lady, I and the Lord (late Theys Eluay) was kidnapped,” said Yonas Masok memorizing the last words of his eldest son Aristoteles Masoka before missing. He added these last words were delivered to the late Eluay’s wife  Jeanike Ohee by mobile phone. “He was only a driver. He has nothing to do with Mr. Eluay’s politic,” said Yonas Masoka. (*)

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