Father Neles Tebay - Jubi

Papua Peace Group Hope Peace Will Prevail in Papua

Father Neles Tebay - Jubi

Father Neles Tebay – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Coordinator Papua Peace Network (JDP) Pastor Neles Tebay said he greatly appreciated positive and negative responses that have come from across the archipelago over the shooting and burning of the mosque on July 17.

“We appreciate all of the responses, because it shows the tremendous attention and sympathy to religious life in the Land of Papua,” said Neles in Abepura, Jayapura, Papua on Wednesday (23/7/2015).

In order to prevent things that are not desired by all parties, after the reactions and comments via social media and mainstream media, Pastor Neles said he hoped all elements throughout the country to pray for the safety and peace for all people in Tolikara and throughout Papua.
“Don’t argue or curse one group of others in your prayers. Please pray to God for protection and safety, “he said.

According to him, no one is happy over the suffering occurred in Tolikara. All concerned and regretted the incident.
“We know that peace can not be achieved alone. Peace requires intelligent work and the involvement of all parties, both individually and collectively, “he continued.


He also called on all parties to support the police and the National Human Rights Commission to investigate this case.

He stated further investigation could clarify a number of awkward and unobvious things, that if the mosque was burnt or burning? If burned, who is responsible and what is the intentions? What are the main causes that trigger the burning of kiosks and home? What is the cause of the shooting is carried out against civilians?

He said, the truth of the information conveyed by Police and Human Rights Commission is very important and useful because only the right information can help us to see the problem clearly and gain a true understanding of the case. As a result, it will help us to jointly build peace not only in Tolikara but also throughout the Land of Papua.

Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) in Papua said religious tolerance is still very strong in Papua. Outsiders do not think that Papuans are intolerant because of Karubaga incident in Tolikara on Friday (17/7).
” Tolikara incident is casuistic,” chairman of MUI Papua province, KH. Saiful Islam AL Payage, S.HI in a press statement to the media in Kotaraja, Jayapura city, Papua, on Saturday (18/7).

He further said, this incident should not be a reason of Muslims outside Papua be provoked and mobilize for violence in the name of “jihad” as a growing issue in social media.

He said, all the process of settlement submitted to the authorities conduct an investigation and prosecution of offenders. Offenders should be held accountable for his actions. (Mawel Benny/ Tina)

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