Papua Parliament office in Jayapura (IST)


Papua Parliament office in Jayapura (IST)

Papua Parliament office in Jayapura (IST)

Jayapura, 20/5 (Jubi) – The Papua Legislative Council is trying to  finalize a draft special regulation (Raperdasus) on the 14 seats for indigenous Papuans, a commission secretary said.

“We are trying to finalize and pass the Raperdasus as soon as possible ahead of the inauguration of the 14 Indigenous Papuans to be held in conjunction with the inauguration of the elected legislators of the council,”  Julius Miagoni, the secretary of  Commission A on Government Affairs at  Papua Parliament told on Tuesday (20/5).

However, he further said, if the Rapedasus has not bee completed at the time of the inauguration of the council, the 14 representatives would be inaugurated later.
“Time is running out, but the draft has not yet been approved. The government has not made a political decision yet. In addition, we have not yet decided about the representative regions, who will organize and who will authorize the organizer. These issues are what we will be immediately discussed about,” he said.

Last week, he further said, the Commission A of the Papua’s Parliament conducted a meeting with the Government of Papua which attended by the Papua’s 3rd Assistant, the Head of the Bureau of Legal, Nation Unity and Politics, the Head of the Bureau of Governance. The meeting was purposed to discuss about the readiness of the selection of 14 indigenous candidates of the Papua’s Parliament.
“It was to continue our last year meeting. We had agreed at that time to select 14 representatives but the process should be similar with the selection of the members of the Papua’s People Council. We talked at the level of the political decision makers, not discussed about the draft,” he said.


However, he continuously said that there is a disagreement between the parliament and the government. The Parliament assumed there are seven customary areas, while the executive considered only five.
“We will further discuss about it in the next meeting with the Governor of Papua and the Papua’s People Council,” he said.

Earlier, the Executive Director of the Institute of Research, Study and Legal Aid Development (LP3BH) of Manokwari, Yan Christian Warinussy said currently the expectation of the indigenous Papuans are only depending on the presence of these Special Autonomy Seats.
“In the context of the selection process of the candidates for the Special Autonomy Seats, I thought it needs to make a good and detail assessment, as well as to be more careful and put the qualified indigenous Papuans on the priorities,” he said. (Jubi/Arjuna/rom)

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