Papua Parliament, Cenderawasih University Agree to Form Investigation Team


Jayapura, Jubi – Commission V of the Papua Legislative Council on Education and Health and Cenderawasih University (Uncen) agreed to establish an investigative team to look for the root problem and find solutions to the problems at the Medical Faculty.

The agreement was made after the meeting the two parties on Monday (19/1).
“We agreed to set up an investigation team. The team will involve the Commission V of Papua and stakeholders including the Department of Health Papua. Uncen will not get involved as problems are the level of university, ” chairman deputy of Commission V , Nioluen Kotouki after the meeting on Monday afternoon (1/19/2015).

The investigation team will be working as soon as possible, he said, adding that he hoped all medical students would maintain security so that the teachers feel safe.

“The team will conduct the investigation specifically on threats and SMS to lecturers including students who wanted to practice in the hospital Dok II but were rejected. The team will make efforts to find the cause and solution,” he said.

First deputy rector Onesimus Sahuleka said the parliament through the Commission V will form a team that would be handle the matters related to this issue. It has been agreed upon will be a team. “While the team works, campus activities will still continue,” Sahuleka said. (Arjuna Pademme/ TN)


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