High school students in Jayapura (Jubi)


High school students in Jayapura (Jubi)

High school students in Jayapura (Jubi)

Jayapura, 20/4 (Jubi) – Papua’s Ombudsman said it suspected violations in the conduct of national examinations in  Jayapura City.

“The result of finding reported the implementation of national exam was fairly good, however some schools were found cheating. We conducted monitoring in accordance with the standard of operations through the National Education Standard Board,” said the Chairman of Papua Representative Ombudsman, Olif Sabar Iwanggin in Jayapura on Thursday (17/4).

He said his team has been turned away and threatened with a police complaint when they visited SMK N III Jayapura, while at the SMU N IV, the team was not given access by the school and the school demanded a letter of permit from the local Education Department.

At SMU III Buper Waena, the team has not been allowed to monitor the exams because the school authority said their classrooms are equipped with CCTV.


Iwanggin said he believed the schools had something to hide.“We suspected there are certain parties who would do anything in order to protect their schools and to avoid the low score graduation. We suspected it was systematically conducted in the Local Government, Education Department and school authorities,” he said.

Exam violations ranged from simple, moderate to severe. On the second day of National Exam (15/4), his team found a severe violation at SMA Yapis Waena and SMA Negeri III, where the students cheated.

The assistant to Ombudsman  Papua, Melania Pasifika Kirihio, said cheating cases were deplorable. “The students who have worked hard to pass the exams would think the school was not fair for letting other students cheat,” she said. (Jubi/Aprila/rom)

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