Papua Not Hunting Ground Like East Timor, Aceh, Says Priest



Yogyakarta, Jubi – The Chairman of Churches Communion in Indonesia (PGI) the Rev. Phil Karel Erari asked the Indonesian Human Right Commission thoroughly investigate the killings of four high school students on 8 December.

Meanwhile, one person was killed while seven others were wounded when some armed men attacked civilians at Ugapuga, Kamuu Timur, Dogiyai Regency on Thursday (25/6) at around 10:00 local time.
“Papua is not a hunting groundlike Timor and Aceh. In the name of humanity, I asked Mr. Abas, Mr. Natalis Pigai, Ms. Sandra Moniaga and other human right commissionaires to speak up and thoroughly investigate these two cases,” the Rev. Phil Karel Erari said as cited by Jubi from social media account uploaded on Monday (29/7/2015).

He said the most important point that should be responded and supported is the pressure to Jokowi, thus the National Human Right Commission could immediately investigate the Paniai Case on 8 December 2014 and Shooting Incident over six Junior High School students in Dogiyai in June 2015. “Whatever they did, there must be a legal process, not just shot them like that,” he said.

As previously reported, the dead victim in the last shooting incident in Ugapuga last week is Yoseni Agapa (15 years old) and those who injured are Melianus Mote (16 years old), Podepai Agapa (14 years old), Yulius Agapa (17 years old), Feri Goo (15 years old), Neles Douw and Menki Agapa.


According to the Chairman of West Papua National Committee Dogiyai Region, David Pigai, the shot was triggered by street blockage.
“Initially the victims came home from the school passing the Trans Road. Suddenly a car from Nabire to Enarotali crashed a dog. They wanted blocking the car and asking for their responsibility. But suddenly the uniformed man came out of the car and shot them,” he said.

Yoseni Agapa (15 years old) was killed on the scene after hit by a bullet on his chess. Yulius Mote (16 years old) injured by a knife on the left hand. Meanwhile, the injuries of other victims are not identified yet. (Arnold Belau/rom)

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