Sago tree - Jubi

Papua Needs to Develop Sago Plantations

Sago tree - Jubi

Sago tree – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – The government of Papua Province should develop sago palms in Papua, member of Commission II of DPR Papua, Wilhelmus Pigai, said to Jubi via phone on Friday (06/11/2015).

He said, sago plantations could provide economic opportunities to communities, and could meet the food needs of the people of Papua.

“I hope, Papua province in the fiscal year 2016 to budget for the development of sago tree in all regencies that have the potential development of sago commodity such as in Mimika, Nabire, Jayapura, and others,” Pigai said.

According to him, every month Mimika people can produce 200 tons of sago, it means people’s food needs can be met. In addition, the sago tree does not know the seasons. He will continue to grow and produce sago both in summer and rain seasons.


Earlier, policy coordinator of international conservation, Mujiyanto, in Manokwari, said local governments should have put ethics sago palm as the strategic potential food source.

He said, the government can do a better arrangement for developing and preserving this natural sago plant. Investors may be given concessions, native plants do not ignore the social and environmental local community, which has been their livelihood from this sector.

“In addition to having the potential of local food sources, sago can be developed as an export commodity to boost the economy. An important point to be aware of government, sago is the identity of Papua and West Papua, so the management should not be haphazard,” said Mujiyanto at the time. (Arjuna Pademme)

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