Papua Needs 455,000 Hectares of Land for Crops


Jayapura, Jubi /Antara – The Horticulture Department of Papua said the province needs 455,000 hectares to meet its food needs until 2030, an official says.

According to head of Horticulture department Samuel Siriwa said, the land area would be used to plant corn, tubers, and some other crops.
“Especially for tubers like yams and taro grow better in mountainous areas,” Siriwa said in Jayapura last week.

While the area of paddy fields up to now (2015) covered 33 849 hectares and spread in several regions including, in Jayapura, Timika, Keerom, Waropen, Nabire, Merauke, Sarmi, and Jayawijaya.

He added, concerning land in Papua, not all of them would be used such as hillside can not be used as the erosion will occur. (*)


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