Electricity power - Supplied

Papua Need Additional Hundreds of Megawatts of Electricity For National Games

Electricity power - Supplied

Electricity power – Supplied

Jayapura, Jubi – The National Sports Games (PON) XX to be held in Papua need extra electricity of hundreds of megawatts (MW).

Chairman deputy of the Infrastructure Committee (PB) PON Papua in 2020, Markus Boy Dawir said, it takes the additional electrical power for five clusters such as in Jayapura, Biak, Mimika, Wamena and Merauke.

He said, in Jayapura city, the available power is now only 27 MW while PON needs at least 100 MW. Likewise in Mimika, it takes 100 MW while Merauke, Wamena and Biak, at least 50 MW.
“In Jayapura city, the operation of power plant is expected in Holtekham, Jayapura city and hydro power in Grimenawa, Jayapura regency. If the power plant is already functioned, there may already be less than 70 MW,” said Boy Dawir last week.

Meanwhile, in Merauke electric power is now only 17 MW. For the needs of society, the power was insufficient. Not to mention when it was built several venues. But the Merauke district government expressed readiness to grant 10 hectares of land to the PLN for the construction of power generating capacity of 50 MW.
“In Biak available power is now only 14 MW and to be added up to 50 MW. We ask Merauke regency to immediately make land certificate to be donated to the PLN to fiscal year 2016 for power plants,” he said.


He said there will be a meeting with the heads of regions and six regional parliaments namely are DPRD of Biak, Mimika, Wamena and Merauke to discuss development budget of PON facilities in each cluster.

The same thing is said to be a member of Commission IV Thomas Sondegau. He said, need additional power, especially in Jayapura, as it will be built stadiums of international standard. (Arjuna Pademme)

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