Timotius’ sister Lis Tabuni (center) - Jubi

Papua Mobile Brigade Beat Students for Wrongly Accused

Timotius’ sister Lis Tabuni (center) - Jubi

Timotius’ sister Lis Tabuni (center) – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Police have been accused of torturing four Papuan youths, a human rights group said .

The victims of abuse allegedly by members of the police Mobile Brigade last week were identified as Timotius Tabuni (18), Lesman Jigibalom (23), Eldi Abimael (18) and Mies Tabo (15) at Cigombong, Kotaraja.

“Yesterday (Sunday, 22/3/2015), KontraS (Commission for the Disappeared and Victims of Violence) reported this case to Papua Police Provost Department. It is said the case couldn’t be processed unless we could have the perpetrators. At the same day, based on their family’s request, we accompanied them to Papua Police Office to meet the Police Chief in order to report this incident,” KontraS Papua Coordinator Olga Hamadi told reporters at Padang Bulan on Monday (23/3/2015).

She explained this incident had no connection with a conflict involved Mobile Brigade officers and highland-origin residents at Abepura Mall on Wednesday night at 21:00 on 18 March 2015. “These boys intended returning home at Kotaraja Dalam but interrupted by officers who then torture them in front of Cigombong Market,” Hamadi said.


She further said several attorneys have signed a statement letter to provide a legal assistance to the victims and their family. “This can not be tolerated because it was inhuman act,” she said.

Meanwhile, Timotius’ sister Lis Tabuni said the boys had no idea when the officers interrupted and bullied them. Then a witness came by to our house telling his brother with his friends were beaten.
“So, my uncle went to the Mobile Brigade Headquarter at Kotaraja that night. But the officers told him the boys were under their custody and fine. They will be send home tomorrow after their parents come and give them advice. So my uncle just went home because he thought they were just fine,” she said.

In fact, she added, his brother and his friends needed emergency treatment because they were seriously injured as the result of beating. The torture committed by Mobile Brigade officers was occurred two hours after a clash involved Mobile Brigade officers and highland-origin resident at Abepura Mall while the four boys were wrongly accused. Because they are also highland-origin, the officers thought they were also involved into the clash.

As a result of beating, Edi Kogoya (18) got fractured ribs and bruises on the back and scuffed knees as a result of being dragged on the asphalt path, while Timotius Tabuni lost his lost front teeth, had injured head and mouth, scratched back for being stabbed, bruises face and scuffed knees.

Further Lesman Jigibalom (23) was stabbed with a bayonet on the right shoulder to the lungs and bruises on the entire body. He is now still in critical condition after lungs surgery and hospitalized at Bhayangkara Hospital. While Mies Tabo (15) got bruises on the front and back head as well as shoulders as result of being dragged on the asphalt path. His forehead and knees are also scratched.

The Papua Mobile Brigade Deputy Chief Adjunct Commissionaire Tono Budiarto denied his officers committed to the action. He said it was his officers who came to save the boys from the raging mass at Cigombong Market.
“And now my officers who actually saved them were being accused. That night at 21:00 we were still concentrated at the Abepura Police Office reconciling people who involved in the dispute in front of Abepura Mall. And at 23:00 my officers was reported there was a clash and amok against these four students and they secured them to the office and brought them to the Bhayangkara Hospital,” he revealed as reported by a daily news in Jayapura. (Arnold Belau/rom)

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