Abepura Public Hospital - Jubi

Papua Legislator Concedes Poor Hospital Services in Papua

Abepura Public Hospital - Jubi

Abepura Public Hospital – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – A Papua legislator, Nason Utti, recognized that public health services in several hospitals in Papua are poor. People often complain of not getting appropriate services as expected. He said he is currently tasked with improving services at hospitals.

“Our recent assignment is health services improvement. I admit the service is still poor. Many doctors think they are not well paid by the public hospitals, so many of them serve in private clinics,” Utti told on sunday (15/11/2015).

According to him, in order to improve the public health services in some regions, the Papua Governor Lukas Enembe made a policy to prompt the establishment of regional public hospitals in five customary areas, namely Saireri, Mamta, Lapago, Meepago and Anim Ha.
“For example, for Saireri customary area, the hospitals are built in Biak and Serui, while for Meepago customary area, the hospital is currently built in Nabire, but another hospitals would be built also in Paniai, Intan Jaya, Mimika, Deiyai and Dogiyai. And for Lapago customary area, Wamena Public Hospital, which is now on B Grade, was accelerated to get C and B Grades. It also applied for its surrounded areas, Merauke and Jayapura as well,” he said.

The hospital whose services are often got people’s complaints is Dok II Public Hospital, from the medical services to the stock of medicines. Some time ago, a patient Esye Karubuy complained of the exhaustion of the stock of medicines for patients at the Chemotherapy unit of this hospital. Due to many issues and complaints against the service of Dok II Public Hospital, the Papua Governor Lukas Enembe said he would restructure the hospital management.
“What has been complained against the Dok II Public Hospital must be a reality, so in the future we will structure it, from the manager to staffs of the hospital,” Enembe said in the mid September. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)


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