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Papua Legislator Asks Central Government Stop Asking for Freeport’s Shares

Freeport activities - Jubi

Freeport activities – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – A Papua legislator from Hanura Party, Yan P. Mandenas, urged officials in Jakarta to stop asking for Freeport’s shares.

“Don’t be greedy about Freeport’s shares, because Papuans have no stocks there,” he said in Jayapura on Monday (14/12/2015).

Further he said if there are those who observed to be entitled with Freeport’s shares, therefore Papuans are the most eligible. “If the central officials ask for it means they have no shame. While Papuans who dealt whit this stuff had so many victims, but the human rights violations had never been investigated,” he said.

Therefore he appealed to those who allegedly asked the Freeport’s shares in turn pushing Freeport to give shares to the local governments and the people of Papua. “What they should do is to make the customary land owners and local government are enable to obtain the shares from Freeport. It doesn’t need to pay their tax, but give their shares to people every year,” he said.


Then he suggested the local government and customary land owners in Freeport mining area could obtain the company’s stock in change with tax exempted for Freeport.
“Well, if it was me, I will refuse the tax but I want the shares. Give small percentage to the local government and customary landowners. So how long it takes for investment, we will get the result of production and we could get clear portion,” Mandenas said.

He also asked the Papua Governor Lukas Enembe to not enforce the Freeport’s contract extension that would be termeninated in the end of 2021 without any written agreement, which takes sides to Papua. “I think the governor didn’t understand that we can push the contract extension without a transparent MoU,” he said. (*/rom)

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