Chairman of Papua Legislative Council, Yunus Wonda - Jubi

Papua Legislative Council Urges Governor to Enforce Alcohol Bylaw

Chairman of Papua Legislative Council, Yunus Wonda - Jubi

Chairman of Papua Legislative Council, Yunus Wonda – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – The chaiman of the Papua Legislative Council, Yunus Wonda, urged Papua Governor Lukas Enembe to immediately enforce a Special Regional Regulation (Perdasus) to ban the liquor sales in Papua.

He said both parliament and government have ratified the Perdasus, and now it is time that the governor issued a Governor Regulation for its implementation.

“All stages to establish and determine the regulation have been completed. It has been set up. We have urged the governor to implement it immediately. Now it relies on him when he want to launch and impose such Perdasus,” Wonda said on Monday (29/2/2016).

According to the politician of Democratic Party, there is no reason on delaying Perdasus Miras (special regulation on liquor ban), including the issue related to regional revenue, because human’s life is more important than revenue. Liquor is not the only source of the regional revenue for municipal/regional governments.


“If the reason is liquor brings the regional revenue, what is more important between regional revenue and human’s life? No more reason. The distribution of liquor in Papua must be stopped. Alcohol is no longer disturbing the public, but victims continue to fall. Its impact is quietly huge,” he said.

He said the relevant commission in the Indonesian House Representative took sample on Perdasus Miras in the Papua Legislative Council.

“The Perdasus is possibly to be launched at regional meeting forum between governor and mayor and regents in Papua,” he said. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

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