Papua Legislative Council Set Up Regulation on Sunday’s Activities


Jayapura, Jubi – The legislation board of the Papua Legislative Council is designing five Special Regional Regulations (Perdasus) to be deliberated in the Non-Budgetary Plenary Session this year, including one the prohibition of Sunday’s activity. 

The Chairman of Legislation Board, Yan Ayomi said his office will set up sixty regional regulations that consisting of five special regional regulations and fifty-five provincial regulations. He further said besides Perdasus on Sunday’s Activity, another remarkable regulation would be set up is Perdasus on Local Political Parties. Both regulations are possibly approved within this year.

Both Perdasus are very specific to Papua. Sunday is the day of worship for Christians in Papua. Economic activity would be postponed on Sunday starting at 06:00 to 14:00 Papua time. The shops and markets would be closed temporarily. It is a worship time for Christians. That’s what this Perdasus for,” Yan Ayomi said in Jayapura on Wednesday (21/1).

Ayomi said besides the Perdasus, the Papua Legislative Council is currently discussing about the consolidation of Article 28 of Papua Special Autonomy Law. He said the political parties in Papua must prioritize the indigenous Papuans in their recruitment process.

70 percent of parliament’s members should be Papuans, whether at local, provincial or national levels. Not just like happening recently, some local parliaments have many members of non-Papuans. Papua is part of the Republic of Indonesia, but it has special regulations. It is opened for everyone coming to Papua, but they must respect on the political rights of Papuans,” he said.

He further said recently many people from outside of Papua come to Papua to seek a political position and seize the political right of Papuans while Papuans never go to other regions for the same reason.

On an occasion, the Chairman of Papua People’s Assembly, Timotius Murib said a regulation was needed to control the public activity on Sunday. (Arjuna Pademme/Rom)


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