House of Representative of Papua Province - Jubi

Papua Legislative Council Questions the Plan to Set up Military Base in Biak

House of Representative of Papua Province - Jubi

House of Representative of Papua Province – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Papua legislator Ruben Magai questioned the plan to build a military base in Biak Numfor.

“The government’s policy always fails to involve customary people. Consequently their lands are always been taken behind the reasons of development and other things. Their rights and obligations remain unrevealed. It’s only taken by the military strength. It seems the indigenous People were not the citizens of this country,” said Magai to Jubi on Thursday (8/9/2016).
According to Magai who is the member of the Commission I of the Papua Legislative Council for Government, Politic, Legal, Human Rights and Land Affairs, as if the indigenous People only ‘stay’ on their own land. When the government wants to utilize their land, the customary people were asked to leave their land that would be used without compensations.
“I suggest the president and Coordinating Minister of Politic, Legal and Security Affairs to reconsider that policy. Now the indigenous Papuans only have the land. Their other rights in many sectors have been taken by others. Now, their land has also been taken for many purposes, whether it was for the plantation, infrastructure development and other purpose without any attention on social responsibility,” he said.
He said the Central Government could not build the Military Base in Biak without involving the customary people in the planning. He said it’s just not right. “If people were given the explanation about their rights and obligations, it would be fine. Papua Legislative Council agreed to refuse the plan on the military base in Biak,” he said.
The plan to build the Military Base in Biak was also refused by young people joined in the Forum for Byak, Supiori, Raja Ampat and Teluk Wondama Regions.
The Secretary of the forum Agustinus Rumaropen while visit to Jubi Office sometimes ago said the people had trauma with the presence of military in Papua. The presence of Military Base in Biak would only add the dark story and tragedy that would have negative impact to the tenure rights and the improvement of people economic welfare. “As part of the customary people, we strongly disagree with the plan on Military Base,” he said. (*/rom)

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