Papua House representative - Jubi

Papua Legislative Body Submits Four Special Bills in Plenary

Papua House representative - Jubi

Papua House representative – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – The regulatory body of the Papua Legislative Council is expected to submit four drafts for approval on a non-budgetary plenary to be held on Tuesday (6/9/2016) or ahead to plenary on Amendment Regional Budget 2016.

The Chairman of the Papua Legislative Body, Jan L Ayomi, said the regulation drafts proposed are Special Regional Regulation (Raperdasus) on indigenous Papuans, Raperdasus on Local Political Parties, Raperdasus on Political Recruitment by Political Parties in Papua and Raperdasus on Alcoholic Beverages that was passed some time ago but underwent some revisions.
He said the bills have received approval and consideration from the Papua People’s Assembly and only need to be deliberated  in the budgetary plenary for passage.
“Yet in the plenary, the factions in the Papua Legislative Council will give their views on the four bills. If passed, it would be handed to the Papua Provincial Government to register it into the regional document and the governor would issue the Governor Regulation (Pergub) to enable the regulations to be implemented,” he said.
About Special Regulation on Liquore that should be revised, Ayomi said it is to underline its content. One of the points added in the regulation is the teenager under 18 is not allowed to buy/consume the liquors.
“Raperdasus on Liquor is affirmed. If caught, the perpetrators would be arrested and got sanction. Another change is whoever was caught to bring or consume the liquors on public venue would be arrested. So besides to regulate the minimum age the liquors can be legally consume or buy, its context is to still strict and ban the liquors,” he said.
Separately, a member of Legislative Body, Emus Gwijangge said if the Special Regional Regulation on Local Political Party was authorized, it is an opportunity to indigenous Papuans to form a local party.

“If later the Special Regional Regulation on Local Political Party has authorized and registered into the regional document, the Local Political Party could be established.  However, in the future, it needs a stronger legal value, whether in the form of the Presidential Instruction or Government Regulation,” said Gwijangge. (*/rom)

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