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Papua Imports Fall 8.73 Percent

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Port of Jayapura – pelindo4jyp.co.id

Jayapura, Jubi – Imports for Papua fell 8.73 percent in April from the previous month, the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) of Papua revealed.

“Total imports of Papua in April 2015 amounted to 38.71 million US dollars, down 8.73 percent compared to total imports in March 2015,” BPS head Didiek Koesbianto said in Jayapura, Sunday (17/5).

He added, imports consisted of oil at 9.67 million US dollars, and non-oil at 29.04 million US dollars.

The commodity with the largest share is diesel fuel worth 8.74 million US dollars (22.58 percent).


He further reported that cumulative imports from January to April 2015 Papua amounted to 190.01 million US dollars, down by 156.92 million (45.23 percent) compared to total imports from January to April, 2014.
“The decline occurs in both oil and gas imports due to falling imports of diesel fuel amounted to 38.87 million US dollars (43.44 percent), as well as the main non-oil imports due to lower imports of machinery / Aircraft Mechanics (HS84) amounted to 68.97 million US dollar, “he explained.

While, trafficking balance of Papua in April 2015 had a surplus of 54.58 million US dollars. Cumulatively, Papua trade balance in January-April 2015 also saw a surplus of 257.20 million US dollars.

Imports of major countries in the periodamounted to 34.36 million US dollars, this value dropped 5.31 million US dollars (13.38 percent) compared to its value in March 2015 which amounted to 39.67 million US dollars.
“The largest Import is from Singapore where 70.36 per cent of its imports in the form of diesel fuel. Value of imports from other countries in April 2015 amounted to 4.35 million US dollars. This value is up 1.60 million US dollars compared to its value in March 2015 which amounted to 2.75 million US dollars, “he said. (*/Tina)

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