Papua House of Representative asks Freeport to stop the layoffs


Illustration of Freeport Indonesia mine – RNZI

Jayapura, Jubi – Papua House of Representative Commission I in charge of government, politics, law and human rights urged PT Freeport Indonesia to stop the employees’ lay off.

Member of the House Commission I, Laurenzus Kadepa consider Freeport has gone too far for laying off its employees. The company is now casually laying off workers who demand what is rightfully and cannot be fulfilled by the company.

“Responding SPSI demo with layoffs is not a solution,” said Kadepa on Monday (June 12).

He warn the company for not acting authoritarian by responding the demands of employees with deployment of security forces.


“I support the actions and SPSI’ demands. We also ask for no more layoffs. Hire back the laid-off employees. Freeport has pocketed the IUPK from the government so the company’s demands have been fulfilled by government. What else is the company looking for?” he said.

While the Mimika Regent, Eltinus Omaleng stated that 2,800 people who involve in the strike and staged protest were no longer have the status of employees in PT Freeport Indonesia.

“They are no longer employees of Freeport since they have no IDs and conducted no activities in the work place, they are not registered as active employees in the company,” Omaleng said last weekend.

According to him, the government has no right in this disputes. The government can only facilitate companies, employees and SPSI of Mimika Regency. (*)

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