Papua Governor to Give Award to Pregnant Women


Jayapura, Jubi – Governor of Papua Lukas Enembe will give awards to pregnant women who have given birth to two or three healthy children in Lanny regency.This policy was especially carried out in Lanny Jaya because the governor believes that the regency has implemented his program successfully.

“Lanny Jaya ‘s government has provided funding programs for pregnant women, under which each mother receives Rp 5 million. The program is successful because babies have been born healthy,” Enembe said on Sunday (2/11).

Enembe said the million gift was intended to encourage the mothers to provide healthy and nutritious foods.
“This has never happened for generations, so it is an achievement,” he said.

In the future, women who had children up to 15 people would be rewarded.”It’s certainly something that is very unusual and should be rewarded,” he added.

The award has been given to pregnant women since 2012. Lanny Jaya regent Befa Jigibalom said that the policy has been implemented because the regency’s population had dropped to 160,000.
“Each pregnant woman must report and the family planning program is prohibited here,” regent said. (Alexander Loen/Tina)


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