A Conflict among local peoples in Timika (IST)


A Conflict among local peoples in Timika (IST)

A Conflict among local peoples in Timika (IST)

Jayapura, 13/5 (Jubi) – Papua Governor Lukas Enembe and local leaders in Timika to discuss ways to resolve the tribal conflict there.  

“Soon the Governor, Forkompimda (Local Leaders Communication Forum) and the Association of Papua Central Highlands Regents will come to Timika to try to resolve the conflict,” First Assistance to Papua’s Welfare Department, Doren Wakerwa told reporters in Jayapura on Tuesday (13/5).

He said certain took advantage of the conflict for their own benefit. He further said any conflict-resolution would be based on national and customary laws.
“We will support the disputing parties if they want to use the Customary Law to solve their conflict. We will sit together with the people who represent all elements of community in Timika and voice their aspirations to the local or provincial governments. Therefore the Association of Papua Central Highlands Regents should be there to listen and together with the Governor, the Military Commander, the Papua Police Chief to find a resolution,” he said.

Earlier, Enembe sent Wakerwa  together with the Military Commander and the Papua Police Chief to Timika. During the mission, the Dani Tribe promised to end the war but they said they would respond if attacked.
“But the reality is it is still continuing. What’s behind this?” he said.


He said the creation of a negotiation team has created another problem. “The negotiation team is consisting of the church leaders and tribe chiefs, but we don’t know who will take in charge for the team. But I hope the representative of provincial government in Timika would find a way,” he said.

He further said the Military/Police has conducted the firm actions but the problem is still on going. If the problem still continues it would be affected the second round of the heads election. So we need to calm down the situation first,” he said.

Because, he added, the second round of election is very risky to trigger a conflict in regards that only two candidates would be competed. It made a concern of the provincial government because it would create a new conflict whether they win or defeated.

Earlier, the Governor Lukas Enembe admitted the Provincial Government found a difficulty to resolve the tribal conflict in Timika because it has not yet been able to find the one among the community leaders who able to control the community, especially from the Moni Tribe. (Jubi/Alex/rom)

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