Robert Jitmau at traditional market, Jayapura - facebook

Papua Governor Ignores Jokowi’s Request to Build Market for Women Traders

Robert Jitmau at traditional market, Jayapura - facebook

Robert Jitmau at traditional market, Jayapura – facebook

Jayapura, Jubi – The secretary of Solidarity Papuan Traders (Solpap), Robert Jitmau, accused Papua Governor Lukas Enembe of ignoring Joko Widodo’s instruction related to the construction of a market for Papuan women traders.

He said Solpap and the Working Group under the leadership of Judith Dipodeputro have worked hard for the development of a market located on Percetakan street in Jayapura city.
“Currently, we coordinate with the ranks of Papua government and related ministry to prepare Damri’s land and set temporal office as well as about the market,”Robert Jitmau said when contacted by Jubi via cell phone on last week.

Although the team has worked hard but it seemed slow in realization, as well as the latest signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Provincial Government of Papua & Damri.
“Solpap and Papua Working Group concluded that Lukas Enembe does not really pay attention on the basic needs of indigenous people of Papua,” he said.

He continued, the governor was only rhetoric and still prioritized ceremonial activities in order to seek popularity.
“For example, National Sports Week (PON) is more important than the development process of the market,” he said again.


Chairman of the Working Group (WG Papua) Judith Dipodeputro, said that the vagueness of the Mama mama Market development, is direct evidence of violations presidential order committed by Lukas Enembe.
“Because the market development is a national program and one of president’s priorities,” said Judith Dipodeputro via electronic mail received by Jubi on Monday (12/10/2015).

He added that it is also a form of not respect for the hard work of the Working Group Papua formed directly by Joko Widodo to handle the matter of the development of these markets.

He then said governor is also asked to immediately evaluate the performance of subordinates and replace each Work Unit (SKPD) that inhibit the process of market development.
“Solpap and Papua Working Group hope the governor can explain directly to the President, Joko Widodo about it,” he added.

“We also ask the committee to coordinate with the Working Group and Solpap Papua so that nothing is hidden and can be done together,” he stated. (Munir/ Tina)

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