Papua Governor Lukas Enembe (Jubi/Alexander Loen)

Papua Governor : Foreign Languages Are Subjected to Learn

Papua Governor Lukas Enembe (Jubi/Alexander Loen)

Papua Governor Lukas Enembe (Jubi/Alexander Loen)

Jayapura, Jubi – Papua Governor Lukas Enembe said foreign languages, especially English, become mandatory for school students and people in general to learn considering the human resource competition in both national and international job market continues to grow.

“Foreign languages become more important to master as global communication tool,” said Governor Lukas Enembe through the First Assistant for Papua Administrative, Doren Wakerkwa, when opening the English and Indonesian Debate Competition for High School Student of Papua in Jayapura last week.

Furthermore, the governor thought demands on global knowledge competencies are behind the reason why we should be expert in English or other foreign languages. ‘This debate event is a regular event to train students in practicing their negotiation and argumentation skills, thus this policy could be appropriate and bring a positive impact to the Papuan community in the future,” he said.

In the current reform era, further said Enembe, it gives a great hope of change towards a more democratic, transparent and accountable governance as well as a realization of freedom of expression. Thus, the reform movement is expected to encourage the mental change of nation, both leaders and people, to become a nation that embracing and upholding the values of truth, justice, honesty, responsibility, and fraternity in materializing the government’s goal of Risen, Independent and Prosperous Papua.


“I must tell to the participants to compete well and be supportive. While to those who win this competition, they should well prepare to represent Papua in the National event in May 2015,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of Papua Education and Cultural Office, Elias Wonda said English is a world language, which currently becomes daily communication tool connecting people in the world of education and work. (Alexander Loen/rom)

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