Jayapura, 6/2 (Jubi) – Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe accused the security apparatus and the military in Papua has been selling ammo to the citizens of Papua. It is not without reason. According to him, the armed groups in Papua never runs out of bullets.

“The Head of Police Indonesia and Military Commander, must to organize that ammo, because the ammo it was sold by our own members,” said Lukas Enembe in Jakarta, Thursday (6/2), as quoted from

According to him, it is very strange if the perpetrators of the shooting in Papua could have bullets because surveillance in Papua are very strict. It is difficult to get the bullets or ammo other than buying from police or the military who in duty in Papua.

Members of the Commission I House Representative (DPR RI) from Papua, Yoris Raweyai mention that the security apparatus in Papua sells for Rp 1,500 per one bullet. According to him, the security apparatus came to Papua carrying the full bullets but the when they get home, no bullets left.
“The question is from where which the ammo can go in there? There are indications, the army come with a bullet, but get home with no bullets left. So there is the joke, come bring the M16 then going home carrying 16 M, “said Yoris to


Yoris is very sure about this case because in the case of the shooting for several times in the area of Freeport Indonesia in Timika, a bullet that was found is an bullet from PT. Pindad that used by Indonesia security apparatus.

The source of in Nabire that usually seeking gold in the Degeuwo gold mining locations, said it is very easy to have guns or bullets around the area of Nabire, Paniai and Degeuwo. They could get a gun from security apparatus with bullets only for six million rupiah. Usually, according to this source, the buyer is peoples who come from other areas.
“It was not People of Degeuwo, but usually people from Paniai or Nabire. They bought the guns with gold that they got from the mining site. “said this source. in November of 2012 notes that there was a resident of Degeuwo who arrested by police officers from the Police Resort (Polres) Nabire because carrying a gun. During the investigation by police, the citizens it admits that the gun was bought for Rp 26 million from the member of the Indonesia army of Battalion 745 Arvita Nabire. The initials of the member of TNI is Dmt. The guns was bought in the gold mining area 81 in Degeuwo.

“Do not believe if they (security apparatus – red) said their weapons or bullets is seized, stolen or lost. They already selling it. “said the source of the

This source also ensures that in addition to adults, there are also teens who buy guns and bullets from the security apparatus.
“I know two of students in high school have the gun and bullets. They always say to me, “Brother, if you want to come to Degeuwo, we can guard you. We’ve got the gun. “the source said, repeating the words of two students. (Jubi/Victor Mambor/Frans)

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